Podcasting Revisited

Podcasting leapt out of the gates with a lot of promise but then seemed to be eclipsed for a time by other emerging tech and content delivery options.  Now, it seems, Podcasts are making a comeback.

Big study by EMarket points to a lot of potential revenue growth in line with the audience growth in Podcasting.  Lots of this seems to be due to the growth in video Podcasts and in the way the other content is being delivered via Podcasting.

I’ve long felt Podcasting offered an amazing opportunity, especially for smaller entities looking for distribution methods.  By getting people to subscribe to your Podcast you have an audience that gets your content every time you put it out into the world.  Much like the print media values subscribers over newsstand buyers,  Podcast subscribers can form the foundation of a much larger audience.

Read more from TechCrunch


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