The Pirate’s Dilemma – Great Read!

I am about halfway through Matt Mason’s really cool book, The Pirate’s Dilemma : How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism.

The main concept is that “pirates” have always found ways to subvert the laws of the land to bring the people what they want and, in doing so, caused the laws themselves to evolve and change – ok, that’s probably a vast over-simplification of Mason’s book, but it’s what is striking to me.

The other striking element of this book is how much of it is a trend I can easily see now supporting this grand idea that we are leaving the Industrial Age behind and finally, truly, entering a new period.  At one point, this might have been called the Information Age, but that even feels dated. In fact, it is the Networked Age. Everything is connected in ways that have never been possible before and so the basic ways in which we produce and share are going to have to change as well.

There is a great Pirate’s Dilemma blog that’s been started.  Check it out.


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