Pro Sports, Time to Step Up to the Plate

A number of years ago, around the time of the first dot-boom, there was a site that let regular folks “broadcast” live sporting events over the internet.  Basically, you tuned into the sporting event on TV, killled your volume and turned up your computer to the novice announcer of your choice.

Now, one can argue just how many novices out there are going to be better than the ones the networks are paying, but it was a totally cool idea.  So cool, it was shut down swiftly by either the MLB or NFL (I think) for violating their copyrights.

Now there is a new site, YouCastr (complete with the obligatory web2.0 misspelling) that will allow you to do the very same thing.

The TechCrunch post doesn’t mention anything about deals being struck with the major leaguers so it will be interesting to see if YouCastr makes it out of beta.

This is another (yup, another) example of big corporations potentially missing out of huge opportunities to spread their fan base in a misguided attempt to protect their “ownership” of the game.  Kinda makes you wonder just how much baseball is America’s Sport if the MLB shuts down regular folks attempting to share their love while it happens live.


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