RevShare, Blip and the future

There are lots of sites out there that offer the chance to post your video and receive some portion of ad-revenue in return.  How well these sites have done is still hard to judge but a number of the players in this world are worth looking at.

Over on there is an interview with Dina Kaplan, the co-founder of  As described in the post:

“Blip has played an essential role in helping independent online video producers to distribute clips in a number of file formats and to make those clips searchable.

Like YouTube and other sharing sites, the service is free to content creators.  The company’s monetization model involves selling advertising around the video clips and sharing revenue on a 50/50 basis.”

Meanwhile, Mashable reports there is lots of noise over at MetaCafe where recent policy changes have brought a lot angry comments.  According to MetaCafe they will no longer share revenue with:

Videos that have sexual arousal as their primary purpose
Videos that are primarily promotional vehicles for a product or service
Videos that merely feature a person who is not doing anything entertaining or exceptional

Mashable tries to make sense of this policy change but ends up with a lot more questions than answers.  He closes with this:

“Perhaps we’ll start to get some straight answers from some of the large video distribution outfits soon, when they run out of  excuses for why they can’t continue to pay the people producing all the content that makes their sites popular destinations. The producers are starting to demand these answers, and it won’t be long before they realize they must follow the lead of other large internet communities like Digg and communicate with their users.”

Sounds like the Pirates are knocking at the door.


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