Online Video Viewing Habits

Post on MediaWeek looks at a new research study conducted by comScore and the Havas Media-owned digital agency Media Contacts.

During a keynote address delivered on Wednesday in New York, Media Contacts’ vp, U.S. director of research & insights Jarvis Mak, said that the most active segment of Internet users still accounts for the vast majority of video streaming on the Web –and that group often demonstrates a stubborn aversion to TV and advertising. But several more attractive segments are emerging as online video becomes more mainstream, says the study.

For example, in a given month, a typical heavy video user might watch close to 250 videos online, where a light user might watch just eight clips. But that sort of disparity is likely to change over time, according to Mak, who noted that a similar gap existed in the early days of the Internet between light and heavy Web surfers. That trend indicates that online video behaviors have yet to normalize. “It’s abundantly clear how nascent we are in the industry,” he said. “There is a long way to go.” 

The report breaks down viewers into 4 categories.  You can check them out in the post but I found this to be the most interesting group:

-Content Explorers – they are platform agnostic, and will watch pretty much anything on the Web – from long-form drama to short, user-generated clips. Perhaps surprisingly, this group falls into the 35-54, higher income category.

Check out that demographic. Not only is it extremely attractive from a marketing standpoint but it goes against “common wisdom” about what’s going on online.


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  1. howardrabb

    Hi, a very interesting blog post. I write a blog about television and how the internet will change how we consume content. I was wondering what the source of your study was, I would love to read the whole thing.

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