OverLay Ads – Another Next New Thing

Came across posts on Mashable and NewTeeVee about OverLayTV.  As Mashable describes it:

Overlay.TV enables you to place various text, graphics and animations over a video…but it also adds some interesting features in the mix. One of them is shopping; for example, you can mark an item on a video and create an online shop out of it; a viewer that clicks on it will be able to buy it directly from the video.”

There are definitely other companies at work on this but I really like the company’s Pirate spirit:

By linking publishers, viewers of online video and marketers, Overlay.TV is transforming user-generated video content from a passive vehicle for entertainment or education, into an interactive vehicle for commerce,” said Rob Lane, President and CEO of Overlay.TV. “We’re empowering a whole new generation of publishers – a group we call ‘Generation P’ – with a user-friendly platform that will help them discover entirely new business models. The advertising industry has significantly shifted from traditional channels to web advertising. With the ubiquity of social networks, consumer-created advertising has more power and influence than anything produced by industry professionals.

Oh, and they made a pretty darn entertaining promo video, too.


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