Photoshop Pirates

Photoshop has long ruled as THE go-to image editor.  While the software itself is pretty dandy, it is very expensive.  Over the past year a number of web-based image editors have come on the scene, including one via Photoshop.  So far these have been great novice options but have never posed a threat to the big, expensive Photoshop desktop application.

The latest onto the scene is FotoFlexer and it is aiming to truly compete with the desktop Photoshop and it’s doing it for free.

As I am not a bit Photoshopper, it is hard for me to evaluate the site but it seems to be doing a whole lot right.  And it is a classic pirate move – see a market that is not being truly served by the main supplier and find a way to do it better and cheaper.  We’ll have to wait and see how they hope to monetize the site and if it will force Photoshop to rethink its pricing.


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