Singing for Hillary

The latest “viral” campaign video to make the rounds is worth considering less for its content then for some of the underlying meaning that can be gained from the response to the video.

It is a pro-Clinton music video that was written, shot and distributed completely independently of the Clinton campaign.  Thus, it is legitimately viral.

Aside from the various critics, both pro and con, of the video (I’ve posted it below so you can judge for yourselves), there have been some other fascinating rumblings.  My favorite was reported by the NYT:

“Some conspiracy theorists have even posited that the video must have been secretly created and planted by Obama supporters intent on damaging his competitor through song.”

What I find most compelling here is that while special interest groups have always been free to raise money to by ad-time in big media, the lone voice has never had such immense potential to reach and affect millions of people.

I’m actually surprised there isn’t a whole lot more independent political video making the rounds, considering how cheap and effective it can be. Maybe things will pick up once the primaries are over.


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