KateModern Gets a Lift from Toyota

KateModern, a spinoff of LonelyGirl15, has just lined up Toyota for some sponsorship/product placement.

Bebo’s leading online drama KateModern which averages 1.5 million views per week, will be filming 7 episodes in 3 cities featuring a special brand integration with Aygo Platinum by Toyota.

Next week, fans of the show will be able to come and witness KateModern being filmed as a piece of live street theatre in locations across the UK. These special episodes will be aided by Toyota, who are providing the wheels to take the cast and crew to Manchester on the 19th February, Edinburgh on the 20th, and Leeds on the 21st. The Aygo will also be featured in next week’s story which will air on Bebo from Monday February 25th for seven days.*”

You can read the whole press release here.

This isn’t huge news but it will be interesting to see how this integration is carried out – whether or not it will strike a viable balance between promotion and entertainment.


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