Remember Joost? No?

It seems like only a few months ago that the webs were all chattering about this fantastic new service called Joost.  Check out some of the coverage from, um, back in the day, here and here.

I’ll admit, I was never sold on the whole thing since it just boiled down to an interface and that is too easy to replicate.  However, I was ready to be proven wrong.  Well, the final judgments can’t be made, but Mashable points out:

“Usually when a popular Web service goes down, we get a flood of emails about it. For example, last month, when 37Signals, Blogger, and LinkedIn all suffered outages within the span of a couple days, we got pinged almost instantly by some of our readers.

That’s why today, when I saw a report from Royal Pingdom indicating that Joost has been suffering significant downtime this month, I was a bit surprised I hadn’t heard anything about it, from anyone.”

I’m betting Mashable’s experience isn’t unique.  It’s the old, if a tree falls in the forest…


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