Web Promotes Traditional Media

Steve Bryant at the ReelPopBlog has a pretty interesting look at the relationship between what’s on the web and what’s on the screens.

“The Net’s challenge (and the studios) is to build off the Web’s chatter. To use the high-frequency, low amplitude buzz as constructive interference. Not just try to create viral videos, but to build online experiences that will replace the traditional upfront buzz-building mechanism. Releasing television shows on TV year-round is one thing, but you’re still pubbing slower than you could be online. So using the Web to seed the ideas — pilots released on Yahoo and MySpace or on their own sites, shows that play online until they get enough buzz to jump (“Quarterlife”), etc. — so that the networks always, always have something to tout — that’s the goal. Otherwise you’re an anachronism that may as well publish a station ID tag for half the year.”

Check out his whole post for graphs and everything!


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