Facebook Obituaries Being Written

Sure, it could just be a swipe at a giant, but Scoble is no slouch himself so when he asks if Facebook is doomed, it’s probably worth taking note.

Among his issues:

“As much as I like Mark Zuckerberg, I can not recommend Facebook to anyone until they fix this problem. There’s ABSOLUTELY NO WAY someone’s account should be deleted without recourse, if Facebook wants to be seen as a utility.”

And he’s not the only one.  Over at the BBC:

“Facebook – it’s so over. That’s been the tenor of most of the commentary since Thursday’s figures showing a slight dip in Facebook’s UK users. The general feeling is that the kids, with their minute attention spans, have already tired of the social networking site and moved on to something more hip and happening. I think the opposite is true – that Facebook’s new wave of older users have decided it is just not worth the bother and are now leaving it to the kids.”

Now, it may be true that Facebook is dying, though I think it might be a bit soon to dig the grave.  However, the more interesting question is who is going to be next to grab the brass ring.  Will there be yet another “facebook” or are we witnessing the end of the massive social network to be replaced by niche networks all somehow linked together into a larger web…oh, like the internet!



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2 responses to “Facebook Obituaries Being Written

  1. Facebook’s traffic from the time this post was published has risen from 29M/m to 45M/m. – Hindsight: always 20/20 😉

  2. mymediamusings

    Yeah, well the DOW was up over 14,000 not too long ago, too…

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