CNN or YouTube?

There is a pretty amazing post over at Neatorama that features a YouTube video of a group of young women looting a store during the riots earlier this week in Belgrade.

“It’s yet another peek into another world that we would be less likely to see before the age of internet and YouTube. How is society changing with the barrier to entry for broadcasting to millions of people around the world set so low?”

I’d say that is a pretty excellent question to consider.  I’m actually reminded of a book by Christopher Buckley called Little Green Men (it was made into a bad movie with Randy Quaid).  In the book, the Earth is invaded by little green men from Mars.  Instead of bringing horrible weapons or disease, they have the ability to teleport instantly to anywhere.  This allows them to spy on anyone they want to.  Once they’ve finished spying they immediately go and share what they’ve learned with the offended party.  The effect of all of this is that secrets become impossible and all the world powers are forced into a completely open position.

(Actually, I am not totally certain that is actually the plot of the book, but that’s how I remember it… )

I really wonder if this isn’t sort of what is happening with the combined proliferation of the internet along with mobile phones that capture video.  There are phones now that can capture and post the video simultaneously, making anyone capable of becoming a live, uncensored, on-the-scene reporter.

CNN can kiss my ass.


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