Girls Rule the Web, Part 2

So, I had an interesting comment regarding my Girls Rule the Web post in which the question is raised:

“So, my question is, and I don’t think the article answered it, while young women are making a heck of a lot of “noise” is the proportion of quality content from them greater than, less than or the same as what the larger population is putting out?”

As I was pondering this, I read the following on DownloadSquad:

“Maybe the real question, then, is not whether the blogging/coding/podcasting girls of today will grow up to become software engineers, but to what kinds of interesting and innovative uses they will apply their skills in their chosen field. We’ll just have to wait and see, but my sans crystal ball prediction is that we won’t be disappointed.”

Not sure I have answers to either question but I do think it is important to remember that we’re talking about kids expressing themselves to each other, not some business venture or marketing model.

Are their contributions to the web adding something to the “noise?”  Maybe not.  But is it really the job of teenage girls to provide quality content to the general public.  Unless you really dig reading diaries of a 12-year-old (in which case seek help) than most of what they create online won’t mean much to you.  It isn’t meant for you, either.


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