Never Underestimate the Nerds

There is a review of sorts over on ReelPop about a popular “staged” vlog on YouTube featuring the thoughts and feelings of a young gamer obsessed with World of Warcraft.

Steve writes:

“While the series has moments of hilarity, it’s not exactly accessible unless you’re a gamer familiar with MMORPG ling or willing to delve into the earliest vids to understand the show’s backstory.”

Now, the key phrase here is, “unless you’re a gamer.” You see, Steve goes on to say:

“And yet as far as views go, the series is wildly successful. This is probably because it takes advantage of three key strategies: Use a hot girl (in this case, hilariously mute), make riotous claims about a passionate niche community (in this case, gamers), and spam your videos (in this case, on every site possible). ”

While I am willing to concede that tantalizing titles like How to Get a Horny Bitch it doesn’t hurt the viewcount, I think Steve is completely underestimating how many gamers there are out there and just how hungry every subculture is to be entertained by one of their own.  Someone who gets all their inside jokes and knows why spellcasting and experience points really, truly matter.

These are the areas mass-entertainment can never serve.  It’s too small a group to be worth it for those parties.  But for those willing to work at a smaller scale, wild success could await.

Here’s a sample:


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