The Economist Makes Me Feel Smart

There is a must-read article in the Economist about the ongoing struggle between Hollywood and the Internet. Here’s how it starts:
“TO SEE what the future of film distribution might look like, go to a website called It offers 1,700 films for download to personal computers, iPods or other hand-held devices, or to burn to DVD. It is inviting and easy to use, with detailed descriptions of each movie, editors’ picks, customer reviews and screen stills. And the prices are reasonable: “Atonement”, for instance, costs $2.99.

There is one small catch: is a pirate site. Hollywood’s movie studios, which are used to dealing with scruffier crews like Pirate Bay, a Swedish outfit, are aghast at how professional the newcomer is. “It looks like a fabulous legal website,” says one studio executive.”

Go ahead and read the whole thing. You’ll feel smart, too.


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