Pirate Paps!

The old grey lady of blogs, Gawker, pointed me to a fun piece in the WSJ about the rise of what they’re calling “citizen paparazzi”:

“…an Internet-fueled industry that feeds on the public’s seemingly insatiable interest in entertainment news. Photo agencies are increasingly relying on submissions from regular folk who either happen to bump into celebrities while carrying digital cameras, or who have injected themselves into the cat-and-mouse game of celebrity snapshots, despite any formal training.”

You kinda had to see this one coming.  Nowadays, nearly every single person out there has some kind of a camera, and thanks to the paps, we know what every star looks like and where they hang out.   The challenge for the pros is going to be how far they’re willing to go the beat out the casual snapper.  I’m sure that’s one reason paps have gotten more aggressive in general.  Competition breeds aggression.

This is also another great example of the modern pirate economy in action.  Also, at what point will their be so many people supplying pics of stars that the price drops to the point where there isn’t really a market for them at all, at least monetarily?


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