Ripe Content Coming

The Hollywood Reporter, in a downright flood of net-related news today, reports that Ripe Digital has signed a deal to distribute a bunch of original series.  (too bad they have allowed there to be an auto-play when you hit the link…bad form THR)

“The first series will be “Model Dating: Hawaii,” with comedian Jamie Kennedy on board as host. Debuting today, the ad-supported series will feature models dating viewers who write in to the show. Aaron and Peters also are in development on two other series for Ripe: “Are You In?” an “all-viewer-controlled online reality game show,” and “The One,” an interactive competition that looks for the next “it girl.”

I’m afraid there is a big trend out there with content providers who think the net is going to be the place to put all their second-tier (or worse) programming with the idea that, hey, it’s short so nobody really cares.  This might work for a moment but it will never build any kind of valuable properties for anyone.  It might make the site itself popular for a second or two, but that only lasts as long it takes to click away.


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