The Music Industry is Waking Up. Too Late?

ArsTechnica has a good look at what’s happening the world of big music:

“Five hundred top members of the music business gathered today in New York to hear that “music 1.0 is dead.” Ted Cohen, a former EMI exec who used the phrase, opened the Digital Music Forum East by pleading with the industry to be wildly creative with new business models but not to “be desperate” during this transitional period. But what is music transitioning to? No one seemed quite sure, except to say that it won’t look much like the music business of the last several decades.”

The music industry has really been the canary in the coal mines as far as the internet economy is concerned.  It will be fascinating to see if they can save themselves before they’ve all choked to death.

Check out the whole ArsTechnica post for more on what was said at the conference and some good insight on what it all might mean.


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