Disney Comes Online with Nothing New

Disney/ABC is getting into the rather crowded field of sites claiming that they will be developing and producing a sorts of short-form original content with their site Stage9 (warning: autoplays).  From LATimes:

“Pedowitz said Stage 9 would make it possible to experiment with new forms of storytelling, cultivate young talent and incubate franchises that might someday graduate to the bigger screen, namely TV. And because the financial risks are lower, there is greater creative freedom. The goal is to bridge the gap between the irregular quality of amateur video and traditional television shows.”

Their first step towards this exciting new future is a series called “Squeegees” about window-washers.  I like what NewTeeVee had to say:

“…after watching both, what struck me most was how sitcom-y the show is. It’s got the goofy guys, the straight-laced boss (who happens to have a cute daughter), and all the jokes are built around wacky situations. That doesn’t mean it’s not funny: There are chuckle-inducing bits about nougat, drunken window-washing, and exposing one’s self in front of a day-care class in a particularly painful way. It just doesn’t seem as — ugh, I can’t believe I’m actually typing this — edgy as the Donkey’s previous work (Orgasmalarm, anyone?). ”

Disney also seems to be making all the same mistakes the other big players have made, as summed up by Tilzy:

Check out Squeegees on ABC.com, but if you want to bypass half-minute pre-roll ads for the Toyota Corolla (that car seem to be sponsoring a helluva lot of online video), YouTube is the place to be.  Of course, embeds for the show are currently disabled, so you’ll HAVE to go to one of those spots to watch.  Just when you thought big corporations were all web savvy with their own online original series, they pull these tired, old media shenanigans. “

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