Revisiting MyDamnChannel

So, MyDamnChannel had a little news a few weeks back with the launch of two new web-series, the soap-spoof “Horrible People” and the hiphop cooking show “Cooking with Coolio.”  I thought I’d head over to the site and see how things were going.

I gotta say, it doesn’t look like things are going all that well.  I know that they syndicate their programming so view-counts aren’t completely reliable but here’s what I found:

Horrible People #1 : 10,668 views

Horrible People #2: 10,576 views

Horrible People #3: 3,576 views

Yikes.  That’s terrible.  And the news for Coolio is even worse, with his most recent video barely making it to 3000 videos.

And what about the other shows on the site.  Well, Andy Milanakis doesn’t have a single video over 10,000 views even with his supposed MTV fame and even David Wain’s highly vaunted “Wainy Days” is only averaging 25,000 views an episode.

Interestingly, the one show that seems to be very successful is Harry Shearer’s “Found Objects”, featuring video of newsmakers just before they go on live.  These episodes are getting hundreds of thousands of views per post, sometimes into the millions.  Of course, this is the only show on MyDamnChannel not to feature any original content.  It’s really just outtakes and bloopers.

So, what do we take away from all of this.  One, it is not easy to get viewers for web series.  Two, if the webseries is mediocre or just plain bad you can simply forget about building a following (unless you feature girls in bikinis). And, three, there is no consensus yet as to what is required to make a series on the web viable.


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