Why ARGs are a Marketing Killer App

Earlier today I mentioned a new ARG making the rounds.  In that post, I mistakenly attributed that game to a company and was pretty quickly corrected by a reader (this alone is pretty interesting, since I don’t actually have many readers – so this person must have found me due to searching for links connected to the ARG I mentioned).

Anyhow, I followed the link left by my commenter and it led me to a site that has been set up, seemingly independently, for people to collectively work to solve the game’s puzzles.

So, a game that has been released with what appears to be zero traditional marketing less than a day or two ago, already has independent sites dedicated to it and a fairly large number of blog posts (largely due to the fact that some very influential bloggers were sent game “kits” annonymously).

Seriously, this is some genius shit.  It definitely takes a lot of planning and setting up and I can totally see how it can fail if it is not done very well, but this sort of immersive  gaming/marketing has endless potential thanks to that amazing new ingredient, the internet.


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