The Future of the Music Business (part 213)

Seth Godin has weighed in on the future of the music business and has been kind enough to post a full pdf of the speech he gave.  This should whet you appetite to go read the whole thing:

“So if the model that we loved about the record business in 1968 was A&R, taking care of artists, finding artists who people will love, and the model that we hated was brand management, I want to argue that the next model is tribal management. That the next model is to say, what you do for a living is manage a tribe…many tribes…silos of tribes. That your job is to make the people in that tribe delighted to know each other and trust you to go find music for them.”

He has a lot more to say and it all sounds like a well-reasoned call-to-arms and an opportunity for those who hear the call to get into business as early-adopters and being running the show in a few year’s time.


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