NIN Pirate Booty

Well, the numbers are already rolling in on the Nine Inch Nails self-release and things are looking pretty good.

BoingBoing: “it only took the band two days to exceed the typical net from a massive-selling traditional CD release. The band sold $750,000 worth of “limited edition deluxe sets,” plus an unknowable further sum from sales of the regular CDs and merch.”

And both TechDirt and Mike Linksaver draw a correlation between the NIN success and Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True Fans” concept.

Mike: “The ultra deluxe success seems to me to validate the encouragement by some to pursue large revenue from rabid fans and collectors willing and able to pay for personalization, authenticity, embodiment, etc., rather than attempting to suppress zero cost distribution to the masses.”

TD: “It’s an excellent framework for any content creator getting started. Certainly, you may not be able to build up enough True Fans if the content isn’t good enough (or unique enough, in some cases), but you’re certainly unlikely to be able to build up those True Fans from scratch by keeping your content locked up and hoping that someone important “discovers” you and makes you a star”

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