Final Thought on Firebrand

I liked this little follow up from AdRants on the Firebrand flame-out.

“Fighting to the end, Firebrand CEO Roman Vinoly shared his frustration over doubters of the ads-as-content concept with AdWeek, pondering, “Isn’t it proven every Super Bowl and on lots of Web sites where people go? Isn’t it proven by being one of the largest categories uploaded to YouTube? Is it that difficult to conceive that great creative created by great artists with all the money in the world could be compelling to consumers even though it’s trying to sell a product?”…And those “great artists” Vinoly thinks would be so “compelling” to people are making ads mostly to pay the bills in between their primary artistic gigs. They’re not doing it with the goal of creating Oscar-worthy content people will flock to on a site such as Firebrand.”

That should pretty much wrap things up as far as this topic is concerned.


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