MobLogic Defies Logic

From the people who brought you WallStrip, the daily Wall Street web show featuring hot girls, has launched a new, more general news show called MobLogic.

What’s the hook this time? Well, for starters, the host is a cute young woman who “gets it,” as evidenced by her admission that this news show “of the people, for the people” is brought to you by mega-corporation CBS (as represented on screen by a Death Star – aw, so wink-wink).

The actual content of this daily 3-minute distraction will be our cute hostess (anchor seems too strong a word and correspondent infers she’s reporting on something) going out onto the streets of New York and shoving a microphone under people’s noses and demanding they answer softball questions.

It’s almost as gripping as it sounds, as the first 30 seconds of this episode aptly shows:

Why would anyone want to watch this every day? Or ever?


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