Thirst for Authenticity

ThreeBillion has a nice review of a recent Sprite web marketing project called “Thirst for Truth.”  They open with what they like about the site, but I found their dislikes to be a far more important list of issues for anyone involved in this line of marketing:

“1. What’s the big idea? How does this website fit in with the overall communication plan? I’m a little lost.

2. The presenters are funny, but not hilarious. It just doesn’t have that viral factor.

3. Where’s the consumer payback? Ok, it’s there, but it doesn’t smack you in the face.

4. Is it resonating with 16-24 year olds, are they really interested in the content?

5. It’s just a little too corporate and that will always have a massive turnoff factor.

6. Where’s the scale, how does the idea transcend the Internet into peoples’ real lives?”

Their conclusion is exactly what the Sprite team fears most: “the only truth is that young people won’t be buying more Sprite after seeing this site. “


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