Closer to Cutting the Cable

As a big fan of the internet and all it has to offer I have been close on a number of occasions to canceling my TimeWarner cable subscription.  This would save me close to $1000/year.

The biggest thing standing in my way has always been the lack of live sports.  I don’t mind waiting to see this week’s Family Guy, but there’s something about sports that demands to be viewed live.

Now, big news from Joost (via Mashable):

“Joost today announced that they’ll be carrying as of tomorrow live streaming coverage of March Madness, in a deal struck with Joost investor CBS, according to a report from NewTeeVee this evening.”

This is pretty huge since it has been the one thing traditional TV has had over the net.  Of course, I can’t imagine the quality of the broadcast will be anything close to what you’ll get at home on your big HDTV but for those stuck at work or in the airport this is a great service.

Even more astounding is that the games are going to be presented ad-free.  Clearly, this is more an attempt by Joost/CBS to boost recognition and use of the service but it’s a good one.


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