Lifetime Wastes Lizz Winstead

ReelPop pointed me to Lifetime’s latest web venture, “Gift Intervention,” hosted by Lizz Winstead the co-creator of “The Daily Show.”  Lizz is a super-funny woman and it is really a bummer that Lifetime has wasted her talents on content that is unappealing both in premise and realization.  As ReelPop says:

“All she [Winstead] did was lure an unsuspecting woman named Anne to the Mall of America, just so her friends could embarrass her for buying them a gift she genuinely thought was “cute” and strip away her dignity in front of an unrecognizable pseudo-celebrity and any number of Internet viewers.”




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2 responses to “Lifetime Wastes Lizz Winstead

  1. Ozzy

    have you actually seen it? its pretty funny

  2. mymediamusings

    honestly, i didn’t think it was funny. i thought it was kind of uncomfortable and slightly mean in concept.

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