SXSW Likes “The Guild”

One of my favorite independent webisodics, The Guild, was awarded the best original production at the SXSWi’s first-ever Greenlight Awards competition.

The Guild is a clever show that follows the lives a members of a World of Warcraft guild.  If that premise alone doesn’t get you interested, this is probably not the series for you – though, as a non-gamer myself, I still find a lot to like.

Check out Episode One:



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3 responses to “SXSW Likes “The Guild”

  1. bubblehouse

    I’m really enjoying the series so far. Hey, did you know that the Academy is allowing online content (webisodes and series) to be submitted for the 2008 Primetime Emmy’s? This is a great chance for a web series to show that there is much talent to be found over the internet! If you’re interested and would like your favorite web series to win, check out to read about the new rules regarding online content! And please help spread this message, it would be great to see a web series win an Emmy!

  2. Felicia

    Thanks for the writeup! BTW…we won! Also, we’re up for best series on Yahoo video and YouTube right now!

    Please cast your vote for us! You can vote at YouTube 1 x per day until March 19th, please vote! 🙂

  3. bubblehouse

    Hey Felicia! Congrats on the win =) I’m heading there right now to help support.

    A little heads up too – the first entry deadline is April 7th for the PT Emmys, for anyone else who may be interested, head to to find out more!

    And vote for “The Guild”!!


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