The All-For-Nots Not Impressing…

So, ReelPop does not seem very impressed by the latest offering from Michael Eisner’s Vuguru, THE ALL-FOR-NOTS, a sort of mockumentary about a small indie rock band touring the nation.

“Though proffering a derivative brand of “Spinal Tap”-like faux-reality humor — awkward glances at the camera, hyperbolically flawed characters, pregnant silences — the just-launched series is commendable for its achingly self-conscious hipster patois…”

Following up his relatively successful PROM QUEEN, which was shooting squarely at the ‘tween crowd, this new series is aiming for an older and somewhat more sophisticated audience. Having watched the 3-part first episode I can’t say I’m hooked. It looks good, the production value is nice, but there is just something overly self-aware about the whole thing, like it’s trying to prove how cool it is yet trying hard not to be too cool about it… or something like that.

Unfortunately, the music from the band isn’t all that exciting either. That’s too bad, since a lot of the story takes place around their music.

It’s still too soon to tell if Eisner’s new show will be a success. Is this what the hipsters of America want to watch. Only time will tell.

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