Another Writers Side-Steps the Publishers

In the Beaverton Valley Times (yes, I dig deep for my loyal readers!) there is an article about an author who is publishing her book, one chapter at a time, exclusively online.

Echo is a new literary role model for young readers created by 29-year-old Beaverton author Amy Alexander, but you can’t find her stories in bookstores…just yet. In fact, you can’t even pay for a copy of “The Echo Shaw Mystery Series “because Alexander decided to publish her story online. By simply signing up on the Echo Shaw Web site, subscribers will receive a new chapter each week. For free.

“I felt like I don’t want to necessarily wait for a publisher,” says Alexander over a cup of herbal tea at a coffee shop on a recent Thursday evening. “Eventually what I’d like to do is to somehow attract and build up enough readership through word of mouth and then hopefully attract the attention of an agent once the book has been released.”

Obviously, many of the same pros and cons to self-publishing are the same for writers as they are for musicians.  Just because you put something online is no guarantee anyone will look at it. Then there is the whole issue of monetization.  Still, these sort of efforts beat being a struggling, unpublished writer. 

Check out her book here


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