BBC and Wii Losing to Pirates

Two separate stories highlight the difficult, and I would argue pointless, attempts by various companies to impose either DRM or other locks that make it impossible for end-users to have complete control over the date or hardware they’ve gotten.

First, DownloadSquad has the story on the BBC:

“The release of BBC’s new iPlayer brought with it the typical suffocating DRM restrictions, with the typical amount of outrage in the blogosphere. 

However, when the BBC released the new beta iPlayer software that allowed users to view BBC streams on their iPhone, the streams made for the iPhone didn’t didn’t include any DRM. Certain intrepid programmers and users were quick to jump on the fact that the iPhone streams were unencrypted. One user was able to use a PC to watch the unencrypted streams by using the Firefox plugin Fast Agent Switcher to convince the iPlayer that it was an iPhone. Developer Paul Battleyreleased a Ruby script to download the iPhone formatted files to your PC. 

In response, the BBC iPlayer took countermeasures to block the streams from non-iPhone devices. Just yesterday, in fact. 

In response to the response, and after a mere 24 hours, users again figured out a few ways to watch the iPlayer iPhone streams without an iPhone.”

Next, BoingBoing has news on the the now completely cracked WII:

The locks on the Nintendo Wii have been comprehensively broken. Now, just by loading some code onto an SD card and sticking it into your Wii, you can unlock your console so that it will play homebrew games written by anyone, not just big companies that have paid big license fees to Nintendo!”

It’s amazing how much money these corporations are spending to stop these actions and how quickly and completely they are failing.  How much longer will they keep it up?  And what will happen when they finally admit defeat? 


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