Other Opinions on MobLogic

Seems like others have taken a look at MobLogic, the new show from the gang at WallStrip.  ReelPop seems to come up with a mixed view:

Despite this superlative production, “MobLogic’s” flaw might be that it’s simply another snarky news comedy show. Do we need man-on-the-street interviews in Manhattan, where the citizens are hardly representative of the general American populace? (To be fair, I hardly think man-in-the-Olive Garden interviews would be more enlightening.) The producers promote “MobLogic” as a catalyst for conversation, but don’t we have enough conversationalists — pundits, bloggers, critics — and not enough investigative reporters?”

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t think there is a lot of value in offering a sort of “more-of-the-same” approach online.  You really need to bring something new to the table or at least add a cool garnish. 


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