Shot from a Canon

There is a really fun article in the LA Times about Lim Jeong-hyun, who became internet famous with his 5 minute YouTube Video featuring his electric guitar cover of Pachelbel’s Canon.  The video has been viewed close to 40 MILLION TIMES and has allow Lim to putt together his own world tour:

Lim describes the staggering exposure from “Canon Rock” as mostly “a good thing,” though he has hardly tried to turn his online fame into fortune. His answer to cyber-stardom was to take a break from his computer science studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and travel the world, mostly as a busker.

Carrying a small 15-watt amp, he visited 42 countries over 300 days, playing onstage at the Whisky a Go-Go on the Sunset Strip and in public squares from New York to Amsterdam. “Canon Rock” always drew a crowd, he says.”

This is one of the big ways the internet is changing the whole business of music.  Sure, it takes a ton of personal initiative, but the possibility exists. 



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