The Agency Dilemma

There is some good coverage from the SXSW panel  “The Web Agency: There Will Be Blood”.  

Over on the Digital Design Blog a panelist has posted some his thoughts:

“On the whole, we tended to agree that the notion of just creating digital extensions of the 30-second spot was headed for the dustbin and that, clearly, would put traditional agencies on the defensive. We also agreed that good creative ideas would still drive digital advertising moving forward — and in off-line channels as well.

We did disagree, however, about to what degree agencies need to continue to adapt to continue to be strong in the digital space. I argued that the online medium was unique and complex and that digital agencies needed different tools to reach and engage consumers beyond creative ideas. “

And David Armano over on Logic+Emotion brings up a campaign I don’t even remember called The Coke Show .

Every time I come across digital properties with Hollywood level production and price tags—I have to wonder how the stats compare to blogs and social applications that can be developed for a fraction of the cost.  How much did it cost the creators of the Coke Mentos fountain to create their video?  To distribute it?”



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