A Fresh Look at Honeyshed

With the demise of FireBrand, the ill-fated attempt to get people to watch just the ads and nothing else, the big player left in the all-selling/all-the-time web video site is HoneyShed.  HoneyShed is kind of like the Home Shopping Network but aimed at a younger crowd.  Tilzy has been kind enough to do a pretty great review of the site

When I first started watching digital shopping network HoneyShed, I was resistant: I told myself I was just going to review its originally-produced commercials; I wasn’t going to get sucked into buying the products they promoted. Hours later, I was taking twice as long to write this review due to hopeless distraction over items like the Magic Microphones in “HoneyShed’s Daily Hookup,” and I realized I had been unwittingly devoured by an advertising machine that is creating a new genre of branded entertainment.”

While I am not convinced that HoneyShed is a model for the long-term, the novelty in the short-term might be enough to keep them afloat for a bit.




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