Sprint Ad = Fail

Well, it certainly hasn’t been a good year for Sprint.  They’re hoping to get some traction with their all-in-one pricing and have released a new TV spot featuring their CEO, Dan Hesse, letting us all know about it.

At the end of the spot they post Dan’s email – dan@sprint.com (it’s good to be the king).  Having been a SprintPCS customer since 1997 (I fear change?) I thought I would drop Dan a line.  I headed my email “press inquiry” and asked if he responded to these messages personally or if this was a just a bullshit way to get my email address for future spamming.  Here was the response:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. There are a lot of exciting changes going on here at Sprint. To really revolutionize wireless as we know it, we need your input. It’s so important that we hear from the people out there who are using our phones every day so we can provide the best service.


I would like to take the time to read your email carefully and respond. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check out the details of our new Simply Everything plan at http://www.sprint.com/everything. A representative from my office will be contacting you in about a week.


Thanks again,

Dan Hesse

CEO Sprint



What a complete missed opportunity for Sprint.  Why the hell even bother posting his email address?  If this is what they think makes people feel like they’re open and communicating this is another big FAIL for the Sprint team. 




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2 responses to “Sprint Ad = Fail

  1. you still need to have a better image
    5 years ago i had sp phoneand due to medicalproblem was unable to pay bill for sometime, and yes phone was off. i fianlly got back on my feet,got intouch to find out $$of bill and that i was making payment.i made payment of 236, could not get my phone turned on only to find out that my
    # had already been reassigned,so why did they not tell me when i called to find out bill and that i was paying and would my phone be turned back on. i was still within the grce period by a couple of days. i called and called and found not get a new # or my money back.the money paid whoever had my old #. and to someone on dissability that is really a big deal. over the yeas i have mentioned seveal people negitive expereance
    with sprint, and i have heard of others who have had bad experiance.
    so mr. ceo, down in the trenches there needs to be more training, changes and communication beteween departments.

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