More on Penguin’s Web Publishing Foray

There is a more complete look on CNet about what Penguin has up its sleeve with their online publishing scheme:

“We Tell Stories is actually a seven-part adventure, said Jeremy Ettinghausen, the digital publisher for Penguin. It will begin with six weekly installments, each of which is based on a classic novel–and written by a different Penguin author–and which tasks participants with finding their way through the story using tools developed for the game.

After the six installments, We Tell Stories will continue with a seventh weekly piece that will be a game tying the six stories together.

“There is a seventh story, where the game element exists,” said Etthinghausen, “and it links the other six stories.”

Added Adrian Hon, the chief of creative for Six to Start, “the seventh story is a more traditional ARG, and it sort of feeds into the other six stories and binds them together. The seventh story gives you motivation to read all six stories, and explains why they’re written.”

The fact that this is being done by Penguin is especially interesting since they are one the bigger and more established publishers out there.  Doing projects on this scale require the sort of financing and infrastructure that a company like Penguin has and it might be why we are seeing this from them instead of a smaller house.


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