The Generation Gap and Web Series

There is another review of the new Bebo web series, Sophia’s Diary, up at NewTeeVee.  For the most part, they agree that it is very nicely produced but aren’t especially thrilled with the writing.

Their other problem has to do with the show’s inconsistent treatment of the “fourth wall.”  While earlier series like LonelyGirl15 used direct address to the webcam, Sophia simply turns to the “camera” wherever she is.

“…the constant breaks with the first-person format become frustrating — in a media community where series like Lonelygirl15 fully exploited it, this halfway commitment to playing with the vlog style is more than a little disappointing. But the damage being done to the fourth wall apparently has little impact on the show’s audience, whose Bebo comments are numerous and enthusiastic. ”

Perhaps the issues with the fourth wall are not such an issue at all for a younger generation of viewers less trained to blindly accept certain past media conventions.  Why can’t an actor just turn and speak to their audience?


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  1. And how old is this generation that can’t handle Ferris Bueller?

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