TiVo and Podcasts

I have mentioned before that I think podcasting is a great delivery method, especially for the smaller content distributors.  It is a way for people to subscribe to and receive your content in a consistent and easy to manager manner.

Mashable is all over this podcasting trend.

First, they are reporting that TiVo, in a continued move toward integrating more completely the TV and the internet, has (sort of) incorportated podcasts into their offerings:

“Earlier today, it was announced that TiVo has more tightly added integration with their set-top box and Internet podcasts through the use of their TiVo Desktop for Windows. The program allows TiVo users to synchronize content between their box and their Windows computers and peripheral devices. As Podcasting News notes today, the process is still a bit convoluted, and likely out of reach for the average TiVo user.”

Then they have news on one of the most successful podcasting companies out there:

Wizzard Media has announced their 2007 fourth quarter and end-of-year earnings, and have broken all records for what is expected of podcasting (the industry that’s full of hippies, remember?). I mean who would have imagined that a company creating podcasts could record gross revenues of over $5 million for one year’s worth of operation?”

While there still doesn’t seem to be a massive market penetration for podcasts I think we are going to see exponential growth in this area over the next few years.


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