What’s Worth Paying for Online?

Since its inception, there has been a general sense that the internet was a free zone.  A few sites have had some success with subscription models but for the most part people expect to get their info for free when it comes to online.

That begs the question, just what will people pay for online?  One area that shows some true potential is in services geared toward parents.  One such site is discussed on CNet:

“KidZui, a subscription-based browser that will cost parents $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year, offers a cordoned-off Internet for kids that features hundreds of thousands of reviewed sites, images and video for kids age 3 to 12. KidZui (pronounced kid-ZOO-ee) plans to open its service Wednesday after roughly three years of development. ”

The combination of curation and trustworthiness is really smart.  While most folks are willing to take a risk when surfing, they don’t feel the same way about their kids.  As long as this service delivers what it promises, it seems well worth the cost.

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