A Closer Look at KidZui

Yesterday, I posted about a new kids video filtering service called KidZui.

Today ArsTechnica takes a closer look and has some real concerns:

“The downside: your children are the captive audience, and one company controls what they see. The result: the ability to monetize that relationship appears to be be too tempting to pass up. Unlike other kid-centric services like Webkinz, KidZui doesn’t have a demarcated section for ads, meaning that when children think they’re simply surfing for information, they’re being told what to look at. At a time where it’s more important than ever to teach how to look at information critically, KidZui blurs the lines in very disturbing ways. ”

It seems to me that if you are going to offer a subscription service it would be ad-free.  There is a lot of discussion about how to use ads to support kids vids and sites.  The truth is that advertisers are all over children’s TV so there is no reason to think the same won’t happen online.


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