The Final (?) Sprint, Dan Hesse and I Update

So, in fairness to all parties below is the most recent response I received from Sprint along with my reply (links to earlier posts here, here and here):

First from Sprint:

Dear David Title,

Thank you for your reply.

First of all I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to incorrect email forwarded to you.

I would like to inform you that it is not possible that the mail should be processed by our CEO because there are thousands of mail we have received.

However, be assure that every email is processed and checked by CEO.

If you have any other issue, please write back to me we will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for emailing us.  Have a great day!

Richard P

Then my final reply:

Dear Dan,

As you might be able to see from the below emails, your employees are really struggling with their grammar in these emails.  Would you ever send a business letter to a customer with blatant grammatical mistakes?  I don’t think so.  Why is an email any different?  It reflects very poorly on your company.

Now it’s fine if you need to pass this along to someone else so that I get a real answer, but I don’t understand why you would make such a big deal out of publicizing your email if if was just a way to goad us into this type of exchange with some faceless rep.

The fact that you get thousands of emails is not my fault.  You put your email on national TV.  I’m sure you knew what would happen.  What was the thinking?  It’s the equivalent of a bait-and-switch and that’s not good business.

As it stands now, I am feeling cheated, lied to and generally let down by Sprint and by you, Dan.  Not the way I want to feel about my cellular provider.

David Title
SprintPCS# 917-687-3048

I have a feeling this might be the end of it, although a helpful reader sent along an alternate and more official looking email for Dan Hesse and I might just give it a shot.  If you want to try to get a personal response from Dan here are the emails I have: (thanks Joost Schuur!)



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9 responses to “The Final (?) Sprint, Dan Hesse and I Update

  1. Ur_Daddy

    You knew that he wasn’t going to reply personally to you, didn’t you? I’m not trying to be a punk, but you had to have realized when you started that nothing would come of it.

    I mean, when have you ever trusted anything you’ve seen on TV?

    All I’m saying is that life is too short for this.

  2. Ur_Daddy

    Oh, and I’ve received an email from sprint and it looks like the “legit” email you have. But don’t send an email there either. He’s not going to answer, he’ll never, ever answer. Even if he says he will on TV.

  3. mymediamusings

    Honestly, I thought it was worth a shot. If nothing else, maybe someone passed him the thread to read and it made him think about the value of this promotion.

  4. Pietro

    First off, I just want to say that years ago I wrote an email to Len Lauer (former president and coo) of sprint explaining how pissed I was about the treo and he DID personally respond and sent my problem to executive service and they handled it beautifully.. So.. keep trying maybe not all is lost

  5. i was toying with the idea of emailing dan hesse to inform him of the morons that work for him and the hassles that i have to go through every month regarding my bill. i end up emailing customer service and all i get are form responses that regurgitate what i wrote.
    anyway, i was looking up “sprint” and “dan” and your site popped up. so thanks for the info.


  6. William Lieberman

    Just wanted to stay thanks for returning my email or at least calling me back, I have emailed you a couple times over the past month or so to get no reply.
    I just wanted to let you know Sprint did resolve my problem with your company, I provide proof for everything I was asked for in a timely manner, then today it comes back to the same old question, CALL THE BANK. I have tried to call the bank and get with the Sprint Rep but either we played phone tag or he was out to lunch. This is the problem he had before.

    I cant understand why a company your size is bulling there customer’s I have gave all the proof need to verity the payment that what I was told yesterday to get a copy of the bank statement and ACH with the totals on it for the Sprint payment. I did so, and then today I was told to give them my whole unmarked copy of my bank statement with the details. (our you crazy no company ask for that kind of details) not even my company nor any company I have every worked for. So I guess I will be taking my 5 lines to someone else over the week end and see what they have to offer.

    Because it is cleared to me Sprint doe’s nt want me business, All I hear is how I am not doing what I am asked to do by Sprint. I have faxed and emailed everything they have ever asked for. I have made calls to the bank and we have done 2 conference calls now, what more do I have to do. I have sent 3 copies of different balances in today from $200-$400 then a zero balance on 8/5 which I was told they dont believe me on the 8-5 one, I think that was it.

    Well I know you wont be calling back because your Sprint and your right and the consumer is always wrong. So good luck turning around the sinking ship you may want to hang a for sale sign out on the lawn. Because I let people know what happen to me and I will pass out all the numbers I have fro Sprint to everyone who has a complaint. So I just wonder if you will call me back or if someone in your enter office will call. Because the outer office area is nice but there the same as the call centers. Do not listen at all. do not review paper work sent in unable to make a discion. I am at a lost.

    Please return my call I here until 4:00pm CST and home after that 314-892-0998 or my home email is

    Thanks again


    here our some numbers I have 866-727-0665 exe office fax 1-888-569-4927

  7. Mike

    I used the email address recently and I actually did get somewhere with my problems. First I got the automated response which I pretty much figured would occur, but then about 2 hours later I did receive an email from a Brian Shea at Sprint and he basically setup my account exactly how I wanted it setup and without ever having to call customer service and have someone who can not understand English try and service my needs! I am still doubtful of Sprint’s customer service and I would love to know where they have their call center setup because it sounds like Central America or maybe Venezuela.

  8. sam

    All you did was reach the cancellation department. I can almost guarantee that!

    Just so you know I started my service 3 days and have had so many issues.

    1. I ordered the touch diamond

    2. The phone screen kept flipping back and forth while in gps mode

    3. I called customer service for help or replacement the same day i received the phone and was told we will find a repair facility for you. my reaction was “REPAIR?” she responded with a yes.. I explained i received the phone today and will only accept a reconfiguration or replacement. Funny how i lost connection after I made that statement and never received a call stating that we lost connection accidentally.

    4. I called the next day and was told the same thing. I explained that i will only accept a replacement or cancellation.

    5. I was switched over to the cancellation department and was told how sorry sprint is for the misinformation. I was then sent to a store near me for a replacement.

    6. I arrived at the store to a rude greeting and was not even looked in the eyes was being conversed with. I explained that the unit also has an issue with usb charging in my vehicle because the phone is heating up real badly. The response was amazing indeed “the usb charger in you car is faulty because there is nothing wrong with the phone”. I responded my xv6800, my jawbone2, my gsat and other devices charge fine using the usb connection in my car. His response was again! “The usb charger in your car is faulty”. I responded “so everything else charges fine with my xv6800 charging on this for 2 years and the usb adapter is from gsat themselves is faulty?”. He couldn’t even look at me any longer after I said that.

    7. The guy goes in the back with the other reps (I guess to huddle), a few minutes later the guy comes out and said “we decided we will replace the phone”. My response was ” wow, lucky you huh?” His response “why lucky us?”. My response “because i would have cancelled my service right this second if you said anything else”.

    8. He programs the phone and i walk out with it working and then I try to update the weather…. No internet connection!

    9. I walk into the store and see all the reps looking at me and the original idiot that took care of me stayed out on the floor and the others went behind closed doors.

    10. I walk up to the count standing behind the person this idiot was taking care of and instead of ask “is everything ok?” he decided to take care of this guy in front of me for 20 minutes and the others stayed in the backroom.

    11. I get up to the counter, he asks if there are any issues and i explained my issue. He explained that it would take up to 4 hours for you to get internet connection again. He could have said that to me before i walked out or he could have answered my question 20 minutes beforehand.

    12. Today I am looking at a phone with internet connection (24 hrs later) and will be cancelling my service without hesitation.

    I walked out of that store feeling like I did something wrong because of the way I was being treated. They treated me like a POS at best and I was ready to try the new security feature on my phone (sprint commercial during superbowl when the guy tested the security feature by pinging the others head with his phone). I kept my cool but today I will be going back into that store and telling the little POS that he can shove the phone.

    I have been a Verizon customer for 2 years, att customer for 1 and was a sprint pcs customer for 5 (before is switched to att). Sprint was great when i first got them; att was simple a joke and Verizon just gets on my nerves. I am willing to take Verizon being on my nerves over this type of service any day.

    Simply a joke in my opinion.

  9. markus39

    Dude what can I say I been with sprint for quite some time now (5 yrs) I own a construction company (so yeah nextel and sprint for the wife and kids) I had a similar situation with the customer service treatment of line dropping and no calling back and all that crap but after a third call all I ask for was a supervisor right after I took their employee number and when I had a supervisor I explain my frustration and all that I was going throught (mess up phones, no internet and walkie kept dropping off) so I actually got it to change my phone fix my internet problem and a couple of weeks later I recieve out no where a $25 dollars check SWEET!!!!!! so I guess you can keep trying until you get something you are right is crap but I been in metropcs (yes they are in my area) and is like a machine, talk to ATT and welcome to crap, verizon is like they are upset we call them!!!! but I can live with the treatment I got in sprint I am going to complain about the phones they are coming out with they should had tried to get that samsung omnia which (verizon) is getting I don’t understand compare to the Instict “the Iphone killer” more like the reason why we should all get Iphones!!!!!!!!! jeez!!!! well just venting here.

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