Can the Internet Beat the Sound Bite

For years now, we’ve watched as what passes for mainstream news is made into smaller and smaller sound bites that are easy to swallow and, more often than not, not even close to the whole story.

One prime example of this has been the treatment of Barack Obama’s Pastor Wright.  For weeks the big news networks have been bombarding the public with very select clips from decades of Wright’s sermons and, amazingly, they’ve chosen the most inflammatory bits.  Who cares if they’re taken out of context and aired with no sense of time or place.

Luckily, the internet is full of people who have the time and energy to dig a little deeper and bring out more of the story.  Thus, there are now numerous extended sermons from Pastor Wright all over the internet.  While it might not change your own personal feelings on the matter, it certainly makes the big news organizations look pretty skewed for ignoring the big picture.

Whether or not the multitude of individuals can counter the power of big media is not clear yet, but for younger people who have already almost completely abandonded the nightly news, these sorts of efforts can become very powerful.



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2 responses to “Can the Internet Beat the Sound Bite

  1. The media are so friggin’ lazy. Did none of them ever read his lengthy race-obsessed first book? Did any of them bother to head to the church gift shop and see what this crazy bastard Wright was saying week after week? Obama’s a liar; no way those sermons are unrepresentative. Indeed, no one’s put a normal one up on the internets as reubttal.

  2. baldeagle08

    It is clear that MSM (mainstream media) needs reform.

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