Real-World Risk Mashup

The NYT continues to flex its tech-news muscles with a really cool story about a new online/offline game called GXC:

“GXC more closely resembles an intramural or interscholastic sport than the typical online video game, where individuals or small groups are pitted against each other. GXC teams, made up of hundreds and sometimes thousands of players, play on behalf of real-world dorms or schools — even presidential candidates — by jostling for hegemony on maps of their campus or locale and conducting their campaigns as much in the real world as online.

“This kind of game is a product of how people live and interact today, with the offline aspect as part of the draw,” said Jonathan Rochelle, a New York product manager at Google who discovered the game as an adviser to the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. He views it as similar to software like Google Calendar and Google Docs — tools that enhance real-world collaboration.

“Rather than isolating us in an online world, it enhances our interactions in the real world,” Mr. Rochelle said.”

The game is based on the classic boardgame Risk and is part of a real growth in games that combine the collective power of the internet with our desire to assemble together in what some cyberpunks refer to as “meat-space.”

Pretty cool to see how many ways people are finding to come together with technology even while the luddites fear all tech does is alienate.


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