Sarkozy et L’Internet = Faillir

The AFP is reporting that the French internets are aflame with dissent after word got out about Prime Minister Sarkozy’s latest hire:

“Sarkozy’s little cop,” “Sarkozy’s eye on the net,” and “KGB Web” are some of the comments and videos posted since Nicolas Princen on Monday joined the president’s communications team as an Internet advisor at the Elysee palace.

He is “in charge of monitoring what is circulating on the Web about the president of the republic: blogs, news sites, videos … just as one might do for a traditional press review,” explained an advisor at the Elysee.”

While you can bet that our government has devoted more than a single 24-year-old monitoring what’s being said about our president, it is interesting to see how the French government has decided to try and confront the mounting negative sentiments towards Sarkozy.

Of course, as the article points out:

“Olivier Monnot, of the site that monitors French blogs, said “the irony is that Nicolas Princen is in charge of monitoring the ‘buzz’ about Sarkozy and he finds himself at the centre of ‘buzz.'”

Gee, couldn’t see that one coming.


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