Bloggers V. News Sites

On Publishing2.0 There is a look at the way TechCrunch, Digg and the NYT each decide to “publish” the news on their websites.

TechCrunch is a tradition blog in that you will always see things with the newest post on top.  Digg is similar but it also allows you to reorganize by number of “diggs.”  Then there is the NYT:

“Here’s the problem — if you visit the New York Times throughout the day, and no important news has broken, the homepage remains largely unchanged, static, like a print newspaper.

Organizing news by importance as the default makes sense when you’re only delivering the news once a day (and the “default” is all you get). But when news publishing is continuous, it’s not the best way to server frequent news consumers.”

It seems so obvious from this side of the monitor…


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