For the Love of Twitter

Patricia Mayo over on NowSourcing has a pretty interesting look at some of the ways that Twitter has proven useful to her:

“Since I, myself, didn’t discover that until I actively started using Twitter – the only way to show you is to let you see what I see. In this weekly Overheard on Twitter, you will get to see why Twitter is such an indispensable resource for the real promotion pros. And since the early bird gets the worm, this one is extra chock full o’ nuts. Enjoy!”

Head over to her post for some very educational screenshots of Twitter in action.

For those still not sure, I recommend registering an account and trying it out for a week.  You’ll know by then if Tweeting is for you or not.


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One response to “For the Love of Twitter

  1. Honestly I don’t think it’s enough to just use it for a week to find value in Twitter. First find 50 or so people to tweet with that interest you, -then- use it for a week, and you’ll find Twitter zen 😉

    Thanks ^.^

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