MSN Looks, well, Dumb

As AdFreak points out, there is not a whole lot to like in MSN latest web campaign, “No one wants to look dumb.”

The campaign stars a guy who looks kinda like a grad student majoring in poetry. He wears a corduroy jacket and play guitar and sings to people if they fail to log on to MSN for the latest news and current events.

There’s also a website where you can send a friend a “personally” crafted song from the aforementioned chanteur.  Of course, your options are limited by a very short series of drop-down menus and the final result is still that really annoying guy singing.

Aside from the fact that the guy is totally unappealing, the real problem with this campaign is that it has no idea who it is targeting.  I mean, who goes to MSN for news?  Who are they hoping to convince with this campaign?

Looks to me like some young ad exec came up with the idea, convinced some older execs they just didn’t “get it” and they all agreed so they wouldn’t look old.

Well, now they look dumb.


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